Victoria IT Leaders Summit

As organisations leverage cutting edge technology to fuel growth under the customer-centric economic landscape, IT leaders are positioned uniquely as business strategists and change agents to transform an innovative vision from inception to business reality. IT leaders will continue to enhance organisational and IT capabilities to support growth strategies in a rapidly digitising economy, and ultimately pave the way for new business opportunities, revenue streams and enhanced customer-centric solutions.

VIC IT LEADERS SUMMIT gathers Victoria based IT leaders from different industries. The program is designed to connect industry leaders and to ensure high level peer-to-peer dialogues are generated. Presenters are invited to contribute to the program content, sharing their most valuable lessons.

Key Topics

  • IT leaders as business strategists to deliver success in the customer-oriented market landscape;
  • Keeping innovation alive and relevant – getting the best resources, investment and executive support;
  • Bringing digital capabilities, innovation, people and leadership together to enable the business to strive in the customer-centric ecosystem;
  • Co-creating next generation of business experience;
  • Making innovation part of your organisational DNA;
  • From cost centre to profit driver – the role of IT in business growth;
  • ‘IT’ stands for Innovation Team – encouraging collaboration that leads organisations towards high performance;
  • Delivering business value by transforming the organisational culture during the age of digital disruption;
  • Leveraging digital capabilities – effectively use of customer data to enhance their experience across digital channels;
  • Assessing business conditions to identify potential growth areas and new revenue streams;
  • Shifting the focus from maintaining existing infrastructure to IT efficiency & productivity;
  • The real cost of IT management – finding a economically superior solution;
  • Combating modern attacks – current attack trends and preventative measures to combat new security threats;
  • Preparing for the next phase of growth through significant technological and cultural change….

2017 Presenters

Claire Rogers

World Vision Australia

Sami Yalavac

Bupa Australia

Ellis Brover


Damien McCormack

Strategic Program Manager
Vision Australia

Sean Elwick

Director of Group IT
Norman Disney & Young

Harriet Wakelam

Director, Human Centred Design

Melissa Ross

Head of Human Centred
Digital Design

Krist Davood

Principal CIO

Marco Marinelli

A/NZ Regional Director,
Country Manager
DataCore Software

Mark Oliver

Pre-Sales Architect
Cirrus Networks

Chris Gondek

Principal Architect &
Chief Evangelist

Chris Gatford


Scott Jendra


Paul Serrano

Chief Evangelist APJ

David Green

Head of Channels
& Alliances
Alibaba Cloud

Ryan Economos

Senior Technical Consultant

Haydn Sallmann

Director, Business
SAP Cloud Platform

Dr. Nicholas Nicoloudis

Technical Innovation
SAP Cloud Platforms

Chelsy Snell

Chief Technology &
Projects Officer

Bradley Andrews

President, Digital Enterprise

Jackson McKinley

Mandiant Consulting

Michelle Mahoney

Executive Director, Innovation
King & Wood Mallesons

Sarah James

Chief Digital Officer
Carat Australia

Simon McCabe

Chief Commercial Officer
Intelligent Pathways

Stephan Hitchins

Design Thinking Lecturer
Deakin University

Dr Joseph Sweeney


Gold Partner


Summit Partner