ELMO Queensland HR Leadership Summit

In a changing world where people and innovation intersect, HR leadership needs to be at the forefront to proactively shape forward-thinking business strategies with their best assets. As businesses depend heavily on the capabilities of their people to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive and disruptive landscape, HR must seize the opportunity to bring new thinking to the table, embrace diversity of thought, and transform an innovative vision from inception to business reality.

Hosted by Business Insights Asia Pacific, ELMO Queensland HR Leadership Summit   is part of the well-established national series, bringing the best (and sometimes most underrated) HR stories and valuable lessons learnt. The event will once again invite 120+ senior HR decision makers from different industries to exchange ideas and share current thinking to prepare for tomorrow’s demands and become the people’s champion.

Key topics

  • HR building change readiness in the fast world of business, innovation, disruption and people;
  • Leading talent acquisition through transformation
  • Fostering organisational culture – adding values to the strategic and commercial outcomes;
  • Resourcing the future – building talent strategies that reflect the customers we serve;
  • Is efficiency eroding our moral obligation? Why HR needs a more human and less process approach through change?;
  • Engaging and enablement of staff to deliver a high performing company;
  • How an employee wellbeing program was born out of need & how it transformed lives;
  • Practical insights to enable inclusion
  • Maintaining the balance between business efficiency and employee wellbeing;
  • Driving workplace well being initiatives and mental health awareness across the organisation;
  • Employee engagement as the competitive advantage – an insider’s guide to how the best employers are driving double-digit growth;
  • Embracing technology such as big data and analytics within the HR function;
  • Seamlessly integrating recognition that’s anytime, anywhere and for anyone.
  • Positioning HR to drive the workforce of the future.
  • Harnessing the role of HR as a disruptor – keeping employees engaged during a fast and furious changing environment

2018 Presenters

Louise Collins

EGM People & Culture
Queensland Rail

Monica Watt

GM HR & Administration
ELMO Software

Peter McMahon

Head of Culture & Capability
Bank of Queensland

Kylie Green

Director of Consultancy
Reward Gateway

Kristy Macfarlane

Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Bill Ryan

Director, HR
Griffiths University

Paul Findlay

The OrgDev Institute;
Managing Director
PD Training

Jane Kelly

Chief HR Officer
Super Retail Group

Casey Hotham

Head of Talent, Performance,

Terri O’Dell

National HR Operations
Ausco Modular

Matthew Cavalier

Managing Director
Australian Institute of

Sarah Stone

Head of L&D

Shannan Quain

Director, National Learning &
Australian Bureau of Statistics


Amanda Daly

Head of HR
Redland City Council

Donna McMahon

Head of HR Capability

Stewart Silk

Group HR Executive
Michael Hill

Joanne Nugent

QSL Sugar



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