NSW IT Leaders Summit


As organisations leverage cutting edge technology to fuel growth under the customer-centric economic landscape, IT leaders are positioned uniquely as business strategists and change agents to transform an innovative vision from inception to business reality. IT leaders will continue to enhance organisational and IT capabilities to support growth strategies in a rapidly digitising economy, and ultimately pave the way for new business opportunities, revenue streams and enhanced customer-centric solutions.

2016 NSW IT LEADERS SUMMIT is designed to connect 100+ IT decision makers from different industries, ensuring high level peer-to-peer dialogues are generated. Through a series of keynote presentations, panel discussions, case studies and one-to-one meetings, delegates will gain insightful knowledge, engage in meaningful leadership dialogues and build lasting business relationships.

Key Topics

  • Technology and leadership at the forefront of driving business success;
  • Delivering what matters – creating a customer centric culture;
  • Keeping innovation alive and relevant – getting the best resources, investment and executive support;
  • Preparing for the next phase of growth through significant technological and cultural change;
  • Investing in business transformation – writing the business case for the CEO;
  • IT partnership and outsourcing model in a market downturn;
  • Transforming IT to a business enabler;
  • From cost centre to profit driver – the role of IT in business growth;
  • ‘IT’ stands for Innovation Team – encouraging collaboration that leads organisations towards high performance;
  • Delivering business value by transforming the organisational culture during the age of digital disruption;
  • Leveraging digital capabilities – effectively use of customer data to enhance their experience across digital channels;
  • Assessing business conditions to identify potential growth areas and new revenue streams;
  • Shifting the focus from maintaining existing infrastructure to IT efficiency & productivity;
  • The real cost of IT management – finding a economically superior solution;
  • Combating modern attacks – current attack trends and preventative measures to combat new security threats;
  • What’s on the horizon? Realising longer term disruptive opportunities of technology.



Bob Hennessy

Group CIO
Lend Lease


Susan Woods

GM Transformation


William Payne

EGM, Strategy & Performance, CIO
Veolia A/NZ


Rob James

William Hill


Dr Joseph Sweeney



Conrad MacKenzie

Chief Digital Officer

Chris Gatford

Chris Gatford


no face

Ken Gallacher

Director of IT/ CIO
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

















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